Entertainment & Media Law

As an entertainment-centric law firm, we ask the questions at the core of your new or growing business. How do you generate income? Get investors? Avoid liability? Simply put: how do you monetize your creations? We suggest new functionalities you can introduce and new ways to generate revenues. We help drive you toward growth and expansion—not the hypothetical kind, but the kind that will allow you to continue creating forever.

As an entertainment and media law firm, we handle the following:

  • Digital media development agreements
  • Digital media distribution agreements – electronic sell-through (EST) agreements, digital download agreements, etc.
  • Intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark, infringement, and disputes)
  • Independent record labels and management, production and publishing
  • Film and television production
  • Musical groups
  • License, assignment and royalty agreements
  • Sports endorsement and celebrity endorsement and appearance agreements / event sponsorship agreements
  • Recording, CD and Music Video production and management agreements
  • Literary and screenplay rights
  • Television, film and print media production agreements
  • Television and film talent/director agreements
  • Distribution agreements with network and cable television programmers/networks
  • Retransmission consent and distribution agreements with cable operators (including, internet, cable, satellite, and wireless

Because of our background in music, television, technology, intellectual property and general business law, we’ll integrate all of your legal needs—and provide you with a single source for all of your legal needs.

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