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representing world class entertainers in music, film & Television.

Helping you protect your ideas, creative works and inventions.


Our law firm advises businesses small and large (including small business startups and entrepreneurs). We counsel businesses during all stages of their lifecycles, from formation, to operation, to expansion via merger or acquisition, to dissolution...


We have the necessary connections critical to your success. We can help you with record deals, song placements, tour support, merchandising, reality shows, or movie projects. It’s not just about being talented—it’s also about having connections...


Our firm can help you formulate and execute a plan that will ensure that your ideas, brands and inventions are protected through the proper filing of the necessary documents with state and federal agencies in order to protect your patents, trademarks and copyrights...

we offer our clients
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Universal Law Group, PLLC is a unique law firm combining legal dexterity with entrepreneurial innovation...



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